Anonymous asked: Hi! I just want to know how did make you avatar, the one with flowers. Thanks!

What avatar with flowers?! The group’s icon is an envelope!

Anonymous asked: This group is still working?

Yes of course!


Name: Nikki
Age: Seventeen, turning eighteen in December.
Location: Ireland

General: Hello, I’m Nikki. I’m an absolute book worm and art student. I like weird and wonderful things, and to listen to what anyone has to say. I currently spend a lot of my time drawing or crafting of some description and I drink a lot of coffee. I live in a little village in Ireland surrounded by trees and birds, but I love cities and cafes. I would like to visit as many art museums in the world as possible one day, and to visit Paris once again. I will be travelling to Italy next year, and I cannot put my excitement into words! I hope to find some lovely pen-pals to share my thoughts with. ♡

Likes: I am a lover of both tea and coffee, the colour red. I love the moon and the starts, and spend an awful long time staring at the sky. My favourite books include ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Lolita’, ‘The Pleasures of The Damned’ and many more. I adore Warsan Shire, Charles Bukowski and other poets, but I am always trying to discover new ones. I like dresses, and the cold months. I watch the rain a lot, and find the sound soothing. I like to write as much as possible. I also love thunder and lightning. I hope you like some of these things, too!


Anonymous asked: What do use for your photographs? I love you and your music anyways ♡ love from California :) x

Hey there! I use Photoshop, mainly curves (julia trotti’s are the best) but lately I fell in love with the VSCO film effects for Adobe Lightroom! Come off anon if you want more details on that please! :) Thanks for your words! ♥

Anonymous asked: Hi, I would love to be considered for this lovely ladies group but I am confused about whether I send you my blog and email to this ask or to your email. Sorry if this is redundant >.<

Since you have a tumblr account just send it over the ask box! ;)

Anonymous asked: Can boys join this group? Or is it just for girls?

Yes it’s only for girls, I’m sorry!


Name: Cindy

Age: 21

Location: Hamburg, Germany

General: Lovely people, first I wish you an inspiring day, may the muse be in your favor. :) Although my mind is on a constant journey for adventures, my lungs breathe the air of the north of Germany but the home of my heart lies in England. Without literature my life would be miserable. I read a lot and I write a lot. Three years ago I finished my first book (a novel surrounding history, politics and fantasy); becoming a professional writer is my dream and (hopefully) future. Since my teenage years I am interested in paganism and feminism, trying to get those two things together and creating a space of warmth and safety. I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), caused by various things when I was younger. Recently I started to recover but I’m only at the beginning of understanding my fear. I love to watch films and tv series involving fantasy, murderers and interesting psychological themes. I’ve been dancing classical ballet since I was four years old (which makes 17 years now) and once I had a pony (a real one). I love to discuss life and death and look behind the corners of the human nature.

Likes: books & literature (e.g. “The Hours” by Scott Cunningham, “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder, “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen, “Harry Potter”-Series by J.K. Rowling), paganism & women’s spiritual movement, women’s histories, romantic friendships, ballet, Roaring Twenties & it’s Lost Youth, history/herstory, poetry (Lord Byron, E.A. Poe, John Keats, …), tea & coffee, feathers, England, Costume Dramas, Horror/Thriller, VAST & Lana Del Rey, forests & long walks, feminism, hugging trees, black ink & parchment, murderous stories & secrets, twilight hours.


Anonymous asked: How does this work exactly. do we join this group or pick one of you to write?

If someone agrees to write to you even if you’re not in the group that’s fine! But usually everyone joins the group so that they can be a member.

Anonymous asked: Do you still accept pen pals?

Yes, of course!

Anonymous asked: Do I need to have a blog to join the group?

You don’t need to have a tumblr blog but you need to have some account anywhere, even if it’s pinterest or anything like that so that I can see if you suit the group! If you have none, you can send me your info post and regarding your taste/style I’ll act accordingly!