Anonymous asked:

Hello there, I would really love to be a part of this and have a pen pal? How do I join? :)

Send me your email and tumblr/other blog and I’ll add you as a member if you fit in the group’s style! :)

Anonymous asked:

Hi :) I joined to this group and wrote post titled " Paulina " but I had to delete my tumblr account and I forgot to delete my post in this group too :( Could you please do it? Please, I will be very grateful.

It’s not mandatory to have a tumblr account if you want to have a post in the group..! But if you want it deleted I will do it for you! :)

Clare Ann

Name: Clare Ann

Age: Fourteen, going on fifteen in February.

Location: California, US

General: Cheers, all! I’m Clare, it’s nice to meet you. And, well, in the words of Jane Austen, I am an awkward narrator… but I’ll do my best to make proper introductions. I’m a student, attending a private school with frumpy uniforms, with aspirations of becoming lots of things - an anthropologist, a social worker, a playwright - I want nothing more than to be a Renaissance woman, and to change the world.

But then again, I’ve already changed it more than enough times.

I’m listening to the West Side Story soundtrack as I write this… “I Feel Pretty” is playing right now. “Well-bred and mature, and out of her mind!” My favorite line in my favorite song. I wish I felt fizzy and funny and fine. But it’s finals season…I don’t think anyone could imagine feeling that way right now. Weak tea and soft jazz are getting me through my studies for the most part, even if I’m not on my A-game right now - for some weird reason. Of all the times, it had to be this one!

The house is tense with excitement and stress, as Christmas is around the corner - my computer is out in the midst of our house, right in the center room, and I don’t like being in the middle of it all. It constantly feels like I’m intruding on everyone else and their own troubles.

But I should be positive and stop dwelling on the little things. I’ve just been let into this small world of writers with troubles of our own, as well as put up on the Rose Shelf - and that’s nothing to sneeze at, is it? I’m very glad to be here, as I am to meet all of you.

I suppose those are all things I should have put in a letter to one of you.

No matter, I’ll keep going. I’m on a roll, after all! Sesame bagels and a hot chocolate are my usual after-school lucky snacks, and my favorite ones, too. I find rain lovely, but I live in a desert… rain is a treat here, one of those once-in-a-while things you don’t get too often, like birthday presents or letters from someone you haven’t seen for years. Rainbows are even rarer, like mushrooms and four-leaf clovers. Mushrooms might as well be lucky things in California! (Well, maybe not… they show up in March, btu March has always been lucky.)

I have a fondness for fountain pens and nostalgic smells.

Expect pokes and messages from me, because I’m just that kind of person.

Likes: Creating, media, my grandparents’ houses, musical theater, radio songs (some of them), cats in boxes, chocolate hazelnut lattes from Krispy Kreme (they taste like Nutella!), babies, Irish breakfast tea, small animals, Mystery Science Theater, swing music and swing dancing, period films, classic literature, words, I could go on.




Anonymous asked:

could you please tell me the songs of your playlist? please, please! thank you so much :)

I guess you wanted to ask that in my personal blog..! here you are anyway:

laragazza-infiamme asked:

hi! i really love your blog! can you tell me where did you find your theme? I love it too! thanks!

It’s one of these but I’ve edited it myself and I don’t remember which one it is…! 


Name: Chloe 

Age: 20

Location: Wales, UK

General: Hey there! I’m so glad to be a part of this site. I’ve wanted a pen-pal since I was old enough to write letters. I absolutely love writing and wish I had more time to spend working on/writing for my blog. Unfortunately, my degree comes first and so my time is spent writing essays or revising rather than with my blog (boooo!). I’m currently in University and absolutely loving it. I live with 6 of my best friends (all boys!) and it’s so much more fun than I ever thought it could be.

I love reading more than anything in the world, until my studies got in the way I constantly had my head in a book. I love creativity and if I had one thing to wish for it would be that I knew more creative people, more people that blog/film/photograph/write, or even read. I would just love having a friend like that. 

Likes: books, vanilla latte, films, photography, travelling!, italy, blogging, rain, writing, Lush, Downton Abbey, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Hobbit, Dirty Dancing, Wreck It Ralph, Austen, Pellinor Series, Harry Potter (favourite books, films and TV could go on forever so I’ll leave them with that), studying/speaking Welsh, cooking.



Anonymous asked:

Hello! Is this group still active? It might be nice to see dates on posts. ;)

Yes it is active! :)


Name: My name is Kasia, but everyone is calling me Katie or Tilda :)

Age: 22

Location: Poland 

General: I’m a dreamer who has massive heart. I’m very creative person who has million ideas in one second. Most of time I spend in my own world drinking tea or vanilla latte. I’m obsessed with my cat Marcel.  I’m well known about buying a lot clothes I don’t wear and a lot stuff I don’t use. I love reading books and watching drama movies. I hate laying and bullying. I don’t like green tea, but I like green smoothies. I’m in love with Paris and all stuff about it. I love mens fashion the most. My favourite designers are Raf Simons & Chris Bailey. Alexa Chung is fashion icon to me. I’m rather quiet person but I like having fun. I’m kind of home-bird. I prefer to spend time with book and cup of tea than go partying. I don’t study at the moment. I study french & I practice my english skills. I’m also a journalist in polish online mag about fashion & art. I live in small town by seaside with my mom and cat Marcel. I guess I already wrote about him. I love autumn and all the colours then. I’m romantic & I talk poems. I don’t think I suit anywhere. I wish I knew who I am. I learn about it all the time. I don’t belong anywhere. I help homeless animal. I think they need help. This is why I’m next to them. I cry during movies and I can’t sleep after watching horrors. I have big eyes and sometimes I feel I was trapped in a wrong body :)

Likes: cats, Tom Odell, music, fashion, vanilla latte, Alexa Chung, gigs, travelling, Paris, blogging, writing, cuddling my cat, tumblring, reading books, Paris, english language, chocolate, woods, sound of rain & drums, beautiful voices, planning stuff and more and more.

My main blog: coeursdefoxes

My other blog: coeursdefoxes tumblr


If you want to meet me & become my penpal or e-mail pal just write me on e-mail or via Tumblr. I check e-mail often so. 

Thanks for `listening to me`,


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I just want to know how did make you avatar, the one with flowers. Thanks!

What avatar with flowers?! The group’s icon is an envelope!

Anonymous asked:

This group is still working?

Yes of course!