Name: mervi
Age: 18
Country: finland

General: hi i’m mervi and i like cats a lot. my hobbies include binge watching tv-shows, napping in every possible situation and avoiding feelings by online shopping. i’m really into writing letters and sending packages and in general just meeting new people so i hope someone takes time to read this! 

when i grow up i want to be a psychologist and move to southern finland. if i could lose the realistic side of my brain i would say i also want to open a bakery and climb up to mount everest. i want to travel a lot and i’m especially fascinated by places with mountain ranges or places by sea.

i don’t like using capital letters or drinking milk. i stress over everything and i say ugh a lot. sun flowers are my favorite flowers and i like things that rhyme. i don’t know how to describe my personality so i asked some friends to do it and they said “sweet, helpful, friendly, stubborn, emphatic”, let’s believe those words since they sound so nice :—-)

Likes: cats, road trips, oceans, bonfires, books (wuthering heights, peter pan, harry potter etcetc.) , red pandas, psychology, paramore, tea, baking, concerts, otters and film photography. 

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Email: (if you want to send a message i prefer email over tumblr but both are fine!)



Name: Mab (it’s a nickname, by the way)

Age: 16

Country: Canada, from the province of Quebec

General: My first language is French. I really want a penpal to practice my english, because i’m not that good. But if there’s a French person here, I’ll be happy to write to you!
I am a very musical person. I listen to music all day long, everyday. It’s the best thing in the world. I play piano since I’m 9 years old, but more “seriously” since I’m 13. My favourite composer is Yann Tiersen. He made the soundtrack for “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain”, my favourite movie. I saw him live and it was amazing. Because of him, my dream is to work in the music industry. I don’t see me in a other domain.
In parallel, I’m really curious about the psychology, the occult, the Wicca and the cosmos. My other passion is writing, of course. I do not spend a day without writing.
Oh, and I love tea.

Likes: Tea, books, Portuguese, psychology, Tumblr, nature, photography, late night walks, music.

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(Sorry for the repost, but I am still looking for penpals, and I needed to add a lot on, so I’ve made a new post)

Name: Laura

Age: 16

Country: England (UK)

General: I’m a Northern girl who wants to live in a Library. I may seem quite shy and socially awkward at first but once you get to know me, you might actually grow to like me. I am currently starting my second year of college, studying Psychology, Fine Art, Biology, and English Literature. I love to read any type of literature, and nothing compliments reading than a good cup of home grown tea! Some of my favorite authors are: Agatha Christie, Gerald Durrell, Laurie Lee, Enid Blyton, Lemony Snicket, Slyvia Plath, Jane Austin, Edgar Allan Poe, J. R. R. Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft, John Green, and Daphne Du Maurier.  It would be my dream to become a Self-employed artist in Northumberland, Edinburgh or York. I enjoy drawing the world around me but in most of all, I have a passion for drawing/painting portraits, nature, and architecture.  In my opinion, nothing beats riding on my bicycle along country lanes, to find a comfy hide-out where I can relax and read my book. I like to think of myself as a natural gardener, a Beatlemaniac, a dreamer and a future “Derren Brown” (Like that will ever happen! Hehe). I would love nothing more than to have someone to write to and to share adventures with. And, if you would like, share music and book recommendations.

Likes: Tea, books, lighting candles, gazing at the stars near midnight, gardening, The Renaissance Period, The Beatles, 8tracks, Florence and The Machine, The Walking Dead, writing letters, cooking and baking, making herbal tea, needlecraft, writing with fountain pens, poetry, 1960s period, organic produce and cosmetics, falling in love with fictional characters, photography, vintage clothing, flowers, mythology, the paranormal, dreams, lists, knitting, traveling, 1970s, Jimi Hendrix, tinkering with the piano, horror films, long walks with the wind in my hair, museums, libraries, meeting new people, pretty stationary, history, A Game of Thrones, fairy tales, the sea, psychology, crime documentaries and books, biology, gaming, embroidery, watching films, Derren Brown, and magic.

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Email: (Contact me via email or send me an inbox on my tumblr if you wish to be pen pals)


Name: Zosia/Sophie

Age: 20, soon 21

Location: Gdańsk, Poland

General: Hello! I’m not sure if this blog is still on and active. I have already posted here but it was ages ago and I thought I could try once again since I’m looking for some new lovely people to write with.

My name is Zosia, it’s Sophie in English. I’m a student of applied linguistics, my two major languages are English and German. I’m an easy going person, who sometimes tends to get quite shy when meeting new people but I try to fight it. In my free time I read loads of books, listen to cool music, go to the beach to look at the sea and contemplate. I’m an English tutor for kids and students for whom the language is problematic. I collect old vintage postcards, old magazine clippings, notebooks with pretty covers. I watch loads of TV shows and films - definitely more than it’s reasonable. I’m into football/soccer, but when it comes to doing sports I’m very.. passive, which might be an understatement. I always try to be creative and make lovely things, however, often unsuccessfully. As a penpal I do everything I can to reply as soon as possible, I always try to send a little something with the letter to cheer up my penpals.

Likes: travelling, coffee with loads of milk, books - Jane Austen, W. Faulkner, Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath etc., film - French new wave, dramas, no horrors and romantic comedies please..; rainy weather, big cosy jumpers, music - 60s and 70s bands; Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Vikings; cooking, growing plants

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Sorry to bother you but I am still looking for pen-pals!


(editing it because it’s been ages since I created it)

: Ilaria
Age: 23
Country: Italy

General: I am a “cat lady”, with the obsession of books. Sometimes I write poems, but most of the time I am just reading or watching movies. I am a very true person, because my attitude is very spontaneous, and I am not very outgoing. I am a loner, someway, and I prefer to communicate trough letters than in person, at least with most of the people I know. Once I care for someone I can be very friendly and sweet. I have a boyfriend, and he’s like the best guy in the world. I wish I was born at least 100 years ago, because I don’t feel comfortable with my century. I tend to think a lot and get worried so I always try to be active and always make something out of my life, instead of being sad. I really try to be strong and I guess I am a very proud person. .

Likes: Nature. Sea. Strawberries. Candles. Tea and teacups. Cats. Hayao Myiazaki. Woods. Hugs. Japan. Scandinavia. Scotland. Books. Clouds. Letters. Driving in the middle of the night. Poetry. Dolls Houses. Foreign Languages. The sound of violin. William Shakespeare. Ribbons. Blankets. Winter. Swimming. Mint chocolate. Calm music. Singing. Giving gifts to almost everybody. Gems. Peantus comics. Moomins. Flowers. Cookies. Herbs.  Mixtapes. Originality. City lights. Rice. Summer dresses. Braids. Earrings. Cats paws and ears. Gardening. Silence. ‘60’s. Fireflies. Baking.

Links: Tumblr 8tracks | Polyvore | Listography | Svpply

Email: better to send me a message here .

Anonymous asked: Hello there, I would really love to be a part of this and have a pen pal? How do I join? :)

Send me your email and tumblr/other blog and I’ll add you as a member if you fit in the group’s style! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi :) I joined to this group and wrote post titled " Paulina " but I had to delete my tumblr account and I forgot to delete my post in this group too :( Could you please do it? Please, I will be very grateful.

It’s not mandatory to have a tumblr account if you want to have a post in the group..! But if you want it deleted I will do it for you! :)

Clare Ann

Name: Clare Ann

Age: Fourteen, going on fifteen in February.

Location: California, US

General: Cheers, all! I’m Clare, it’s nice to meet you. And, well, in the words of Jane Austen, I am an awkward narrator… but I’ll do my best to make proper introductions. I’m a student, attending a private school with frumpy uniforms, with aspirations of becoming lots of things - an anthropologist, a social worker, a playwright - I want nothing more than to be a Renaissance woman, and to change the world.

But then again, I’ve already changed it more than enough times.

I’m listening to the West Side Story soundtrack as I write this… “I Feel Pretty” is playing right now. “Well-bred and mature, and out of her mind!” My favorite line in my favorite song. I wish I felt fizzy and funny and fine. But it’s finals season…I don’t think anyone could imagine feeling that way right now. Weak tea and soft jazz are getting me through my studies for the most part, even if I’m not on my A-game right now - for some weird reason. Of all the times, it had to be this one!

The house is tense with excitement and stress, as Christmas is around the corner - my computer is out in the midst of our house, right in the center room, and I don’t like being in the middle of it all. It constantly feels like I’m intruding on everyone else and their own troubles.

But I should be positive and stop dwelling on the little things. I’ve just been let into this small world of writers with troubles of our own, as well as put up on the Rose Shelf - and that’s nothing to sneeze at, is it? I’m very glad to be here, as I am to meet all of you.

I suppose those are all things I should have put in a letter to one of you.

No matter, I’ll keep going. I’m on a roll, after all! Sesame bagels and a hot chocolate are my usual after-school lucky snacks, and my favorite ones, too. I find rain lovely, but I live in a desert… rain is a treat here, one of those once-in-a-while things you don’t get too often, like birthday presents or letters from someone you haven’t seen for years. Rainbows are even rarer, like mushrooms and four-leaf clovers. Mushrooms might as well be lucky things in California! (Well, maybe not… they show up in March, btu March has always been lucky.)

I have a fondness for fountain pens and nostalgic smells.

Expect pokes and messages from me, because I’m just that kind of person.

Likes: Creating, media, my grandparents’ houses, musical theater, radio songs (some of them), cats in boxes, chocolate hazelnut lattes from Krispy Kreme (they taste like Nutella!), babies, Irish breakfast tea, small animals, Mystery Science Theater, swing music and swing dancing, period films, classic literature, words, I could go on.



Anonymous asked: could you please tell me the songs of your playlist? please, please! thank you so much :)

I guess you wanted to ask that in my personal blog..! here you are anyway:

laragazza-infiamme asked: hi! i really love your blog! can you tell me where did you find your theme? I love it too! thanks!

It’s one of these but I’ve edited it myself and I don’t remember which one it is…!